Waldorf Dolls

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Pictured Waldorf Dolls available for purchase @ Pingvini and Berty & Masha

Oh, how I love the timeless beauty of a Waldorf Doll :)  Do you have an expecting mother or sweet little one in your life??  If so, a Waldorf doll would be the perfect gift idea!  They are classic, simple, “cuddly”, beautiful and delightful dolls that will add class, charm and a cozy warmth to any child’s room or nursery.  I just love them and recently bought 2 for my girls :)  I especially love Pingvini and Berty & Masha because they use eco-friendly materials to create their beautiful dolls.  More specifically, Pingvini uses 100% Organic materials, some of which include organic wool and organic alpaca yarn (alpaca yarn is extremely soft)!